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July 4, 2016

TrainerKelly's Network - Make Me a Model
(this website!!)

July 11, 2016
July 18, 2016
July 25, 2016
Mon, if remembered
August 1, 2016

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28 February 2017 - Hahahaahaha, did I say I was gonna post up page 24 on Friday in November 2016?


...it's up now.

Also, Bea's bio is also up. Yaaaay!


17 November 2016 - Hey, everyone! How are you doing?

I'm super late, but pages 16 to 23 of MAKE ME A MODEL are now available for reading. I'm a day ahead for page 23, but really, only by about 6 minutes.

Page 24 should be up Friday.

MAKE ME A MODEL will be on another hiatus until more pages can be created.

See you then and enjoy!


23 November 2016 - I was behind on posting and will probably be behind again soon enough. There's some...difficulties on my end right now that's kind of more or less preventing me from working on really anything. For now though, I added 3 pages. You can find them in the comic section.


1 November 2016 - You guys may have noticed earlier that I tweaked the layout a bit...at least, it appears that way. However, the layout actually has been changed A LOT more than a bit! This website is now responsive for everything but the table above (and the table isn't responsive right now because I am just too lazy to look up how to do it...one of these days, I will).


If you are on a mobile device, the navigation will probably be on the bottom. If you are on a desktop or a tablet of a certain screensize, the navigation will be to your left. I'm REALLY pleased with the reponsiveness of this website.


It's actually thanks to MAKE ME A MODEL, and in turn, this website, that I made the switch to a responsive website. So, thank you, everyone who has visited.


I'll admit that this website IS bare bones right now and will probably stay that way for a while just because of the amount of work I have to do. So don't expect anything until like...mid-2017, maybe?


05 September 2016 - Hello everyone. I know that the last three pages should have been up already, but I wasn't able to do that for personal reasons. The last three pages (for now) are NOW UP. I won't have anymore until probably October (although that is subject to change). I have the next 12 pages sketched with the panel boxes inked, as well as pages 25 to 187 with the panel boxes all drawn in. However, I haven't started much more than that...for right now. If things go my way, I SHOULD be doing more sooner than later. Again, I am aiming to continue in October for all the pages.

Also, I ended up removing both SmackJeeves and Pixiv. I personally didn't feel at home on SmackJeeves AND I had to shrink down the pages to a stupidly small size. I just don't feel like I would have an audience on Pixiv, so I scrapped that as well. However, I am keeping the other places, with deviantART being the last place I am posting on.


For updates on everything and to see what I am doing, feel free to visit my blog, TrainerKelly's Rambles. It may fill in some of the blank spots of what has been going on.


9 August 2016 - I'm sorry for my inconsistent updates. A lot of it is laziness, especially since I have to manually post the pages up. - Cue people recommending me Wordpress with a comic plug in, SmackJeeves, etc. - Pages 8 and 9 are now up!


3 August 2016 - Hello, everyone! How are you doing? I know that I have been pretty dang bad with the comic updates. I'll admit I have been too lazy to head over to where my desktop is located and my laptop isn't set up to upload website pages (everytime I try, it doesn't work...). Today, you got pages 5, 6, and 7! Please enjoy!


22 July 2016 - Yes, I am aware that Make Me a Model page 3 is late. It's probably a good thing it was late though because it was just a title page, so you guys get pages 3 and 4 today.

View it under the "Series" category now!!!

I also am taking a break on my larger projects now to help me regroup and figure out my next move, as well as give me time to work on other projects. For more information, go here.


16 July 2016 - Hey, everyone! What's up? Page 2 of MMaM is up!! Go view it under the "Series" Category NOW!


11 July 2016 - Hello everyone! How are you doing? Welcome to the official Make Me a Model website! This website is still under construction, so please bear with me while I slowly add content.


The VERY FIRST PAGE (and the cover) for Make Me a Model is up NOW! So, go read it now!

At least the main content is up, right?




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